About WuppDays

What are WuppDays?

WuppDays: a yunity phrase for a residential project sprint. WuppDays are an opportunity for contributors to meet in person to dream, plan, do and celebrate. Developers, designers, translators and all the many other contributors can fully concentrate on the creation of the platform.

During the first WuppDays over 30 people attended to lay the foundation of the new sharing platform in Malo, Italy. Since then we've been hosted in Mainz, twice in Chemnitz, in Nurmberg and more are coming up - to read more about the WuppDays, visit our blog. (Currently WuppDays are kindly hosted by people inspired by the project - are you one of them? Contact us!).​

Together we will expand the foodsharing movement and work towards saving and sharing more of our valuable resources beyond food. More WuppDays are coming up, if you're interested join our team!

WuppDays #1 - How yunity began